Rewan TremethickRewan Tremethick is a semi-bearded writer and general human being, with a desire to tell stories that mean something. He offsets his desire to say something profound by wearing extremely tight jeans. You can find out more about him here.

For a mixture of whimsy, surrealism, writing, politics, feminism and general opinions, read Rewan’s blog. He also has Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep you up to date with anything of interest.

Fallen on Good Times

Rewan’s first novel, Fallen on Good Times, is due to be published by Paddy’s Daddy Publishing in 2014. Set in the fictional 1920’s American city of Pilgrim’s Wane, the novel sees a private detective desperately trying to escape from his life of hunting down the paranormal beings that secretly inhabit the city, only to get drawn into the biggest and most dangerous mystery he has ever encountered.

Fallen on Good Times is a paranormal detective comedy. Find out more about the novel here, and check out his author page on the Paddy’s Daddy website here.

Personal Novels

Rewan has also written for PersonalNOVEL, writing mysteries that readers can customise by naming the characters after themselves before purchase, meaning each story is unique to the reader.

His first Personal Novel, Death at Castle Spire, sees a financially desperate castle owner opening her home to guests in order to try and raise money to pay back her debtors. But when one of the guests is murdered during the first night, and the castle is cut off from the outside world by severe weather, debts are the last thing on her mind. Can she solve the mystery, and when a second guest is killed, can she survive until help arrives?

Read more about Death at Castle Spire here.

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